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Why FITNUFF personal training?



Since all personal trainers are not created equal, it's important to work with a qualified fitness professional who is certified through an organization, such as the American Council on Exercise or the American College of Sports Medicine, to design exercise programs. Your FITNUFF personal trainer, Debra Gray, is not only certified by numerous organizations, she has extensive knowledge about anatomy, physiology, injury prevention, nutrition, designing fitness programs and exercise. Debra has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1994. She began her career in northern California, specializing in weight loss and nutrition-based programs. Today, as the owner of FITNUFF, her focus is to design programs for clients who wish to participate in sports-related programs, events and athletic competitions. As your personal trainer, she will provide education, motivation and positive feedback to support you in reaching your goals. Debras certifications include:


      CSU of Hayward - Fitness Certificate

      ACSM Certified Health/Fitness Instructor

      ACE Certified Personal Trainer

      AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

      American Heart Association - Certified in CPR

      Pilates Instructor


If you're interested in a personalized, FITNUFF exercise program, contact Debra Gray.