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Benefits of Regular Exercise


      Reduces the risk of heart disease

      Decreases appetite

      Decreases triglycerides and improves fat metabolism

      Increases cardiovascular endurance

      Strengthens the skeletal system and improves the immune system

      Relieves stress

      Increases circulation and lowers blood pressure

      Reduces chances of developing osteoporosis

      Increases flexibility and range of motion

      Decreases body fat and increases lean body mass

      Reduces depression and anxiety

      Improves the function of vital organs

     Lowers resting heart rate



Dangers of Obesity and Being Overweight


The National Institute of Health has proclaimed that obesity is a disease and a major risk factor for heart disease. Approximately 22 percent of adults in the United States are obese.


      Obese people have a shorter life expectancy due to medical issues.

      Coronary heart disease is greater. Stokes are more likely.

      Obesity can cause high blood pressure.

      Diabetes is very likely to occur in adults who are obese.

      Gallbladder disease is a risk factor.

      Obese people can experience shortness of breath with any type of movement.

      Cancer is a possibility, particularly colon, breast, prostate, uterus, rectum, and ovarian cancer.

      Osteoarthritis is a risk factor.

      Obesity can cause sleep apnea.