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Intense programs for the serious at heart and soul.



Mission Statement

The mission of FITNUFF is to assess, design and develop programs that encourage, support and train individuals in their endeavor to achieve their ultimate fitness goal.

The FITNUFF philosophy is that the success of any program is based on establishing a sound partnership between the individual and the trainer.





Healthy eating habits and an adequate amount of exercise are necessary for a better quality of life. The programs designed by FITNUFF are geared toward those who are on a mission to achieve more than just a better quality of life. Our programs are designed for the serious at heart. Whether youre looking to run a marathon, improve your golf swing or hike the Grand Canyon, FITNUFF will customize a program for you to help you achieve your goal.


     Frequency The frequency of your workouts is determined by your specific goal.

     Intensity The key to reaching you goal is the intensity in which you train.

     Time Time and patience is a vital component of your program.

     Nutrition Fueling your body with the proper nutrition to support your exercise program is essential in reaching your desired goal.

     Understanding A clear understanding of what it takes to reach your goal keeps you focused.

     Follow Through - Success is achieved by consistently following through with each component of your program.

     Faith You must believe in what you cannot see. Thats where you begin.